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Two prisoners have the perfect escape plan but something unexpected happens that changes everything.

  • Cast: Vincent van Ommen, Richard de Maare, Ketrin Koks
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A mysterious gangster goes on the rampage in Amsterdam, stopping at nothing to uncover those who have betrayed him. Now it is up to CIA Agent Martin Keele, to stop him..

  • Directed by Michael Wright
  • Cast: Michael Madsen, Alison Carroll, Fajah Lourens, Vincent van Ommen, Alistair Overeem, Dorien Rose Duinker, Semmy Schilt
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Obsessively ordered nine year old Miles receives his birthday presents via parachute from his high flying Uncle Ed.

  • Directed by Katie Pow
  • Cast: Sammy Neeter, Vincent van Ommen, Cody Peereboom, Richard Smolenaers, Bonnie Williams
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In a future where people are turned into slaves via subliminal messaging, a normal man has to destroy his senses to regain his freedom.

  • Directed by Jayant R. Harnam
  • Cast: Tygo Gernandt, Vincent van Ommen, Martin Swabey, Iris Hesseling
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